Monday, January 3, 2011

Taking Social Media Seriously…….Combining Local Business and Facebook…..Its about the people

And then there was the Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page……..

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of my blog “Taking Social Media Seriously,” and how it is the wave of the future in internet marketing and possibly the final thrust towards the switch from paper advertising to computer screen/internet marketing. Social Media is a newer more interactive and effective version of old school tele-marketing and door to door sales. It is a very direct way to communicate your service or product to a very large prospective customer audience. Facebook first came out as a personal social network but over time has evolved into a business tool as well. The reasons of this being attractive are obvious…you can get involved and “Like” what you want and not like what you don’t. Therefore this automatically increases the chances of a sales in most cases, because there must be interest of some sort in the first place for the possible consumer to “Like” the page. Think of it as kind of like a subscription, yet free for the consumer.

The Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page is an attempt to take Social Media and a geographical localized area, bringing the local Facebook Business Pages to a centralized spot being in this case the COFB. This is just one of many different angles and advantages that the Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page has, and in upcoming blogs I will be explaining all of them in great detail. First and foremost, it’s a concept that must first must have the people (likes) or it is a completely empty thought with no chance of results.

During my sales (or education process as I sometimes call it) on this project, the #1 most thing said to me is “Facebook is free and I can create my own page, why would I pay to have it done?”

In the 3rd blog, we will address that very question……

Until next time…Godspeed from the MVP

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