Friday, January 7, 2011

If I own a business in Chillicothe Ohio, why would I pay for Facebook/Social Media Marketing??

If I own a business in Chillicothe Ohio, why would I pay for Facebook/Social Media Marketing??

Why would I pay for Facebook Marketing or be on the Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page when Facebook is free? I can just make my own………

Heres why……..

*Creative Micro-blogging



Likes, Likes,Likes… need people (via likes) for your facebook business page and for visibility for your service or product. The more Likes your face book business page is in front of, the more your Likes increase on your page. A good “like”feeder page such as The Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page, always blazes the trail ahead till the point that your facebook business page has achieved the desired effect, and as long as the feeder page stays ahead, it has a monetary value to a business. Think of it as filling up the store if you will.

Now the site of the feeder page if you will, in this case the Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page, must have attention grabbing and interesting posts. Things like music, humor, pictures, local facts and figures and anything else that grabs the viewer so when a marketing shout out is sent, the viewer has interest. No one wants spam walls, so its very important to make each post count, and respect the viewer. This is known as creative micro-blogging.

Networking is a family type referral system that a Facebook community can build. The Chillicothe Ohio Facebook Page is community driven and has that thought in mind in every post and interaction it makes. The more we connect, the better off we are and networking is the combination of business and friendship that lacks in any other form of advertising.

A Facebook ‘Like’ has a value like anything else. Estimates done by experts and Facebook professionals have the value at around $3.25 per like. So in the case of the Chillicothe Ohio Facebook, currently there is over $5000.00 (over 1700 Likes) in revenue to be saturated from the page. So as the price currently is $600.00-$1200.00 per year to advertise wit COFB……well, you do the math.

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